Kristina Williams
Principal Consultant | Predicate Partners Pty Ltd.
Kristina Williams Sees Progress at Predicate Partners Pty Ltd.

For four years, Kristina Williams has been lending her consultancy skills to Predicate Partners Pty Ltd. As a principal consultant, she works on the company’s long-term and short-term goals, establishing best practice approaches to develop business requirements, identifying, strategic reform opportunities and helping government understand and implement its goals and visions. Before joining Predicate Partners Pty Ltd., Ms. Williams worked her way up the ranks in government, through always looking for better ways to do things and not accepting the status quo.

Ms. Williams proved her capability in technical excellence by winning an Australia Day Achievement medallion for the first project she independently managed. She attests this success is due to delivering high-quality products in aggressive timelines, as well as her ability to think critically, address underlying problems and build relationships with others.

Kristina Williams
Principal Consultant
Predicate Partners Pty Ltd.
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